Unveiling the Marvel: A Whimsical 3m-Tall Shaun The Sheep Sculpture Takes the Spotlight!

ElevenFiftyFive and Darling and Edge, the renowned bespoke entertainment and events masterminds, teamed up to unveil their latest idea – a stunning 3-metre-tall Shaun The Sheep sculpture. This ingenious masterpiece has been introduced as a pivotal part of the marketing campaign for the highly-anticipated Shaun The Sheep Film, scheduled to premiere this weekend. Nestled gracefully on the iconic Southbank, this endearing sculpture promises to enchant passersby for the next few days before embarking on an exciting tour, sprinkling its charm across various locations. So, keep your eyes wide open and ready to be delighted, as Shaun The Sheep might just pop up in a field or city near you!

The Inspiration Behind the Sculpture: Shaun The Sheep, the beloved character from the creative minds at Aardman Animations, has captured the hearts of audiences young and old with its lovable personality and unforgettable adventures. In collaboration with the film’s creators, Darling and Edge sought to bring this iconic character to life in an awe-inspiring manner, aligning perfectly with the film’s much-awaited release.

A Limited-Time Appearance: For the lucky few who happen to cross paths with Shaun The Sheep on the Southbank, it’s a moment to cherish. As part of the marketing campaign, this extraordinary sculpture will grace the location for a few days before embarking on a thrilling tour which will take it around the UK and Europe. Although bidding farewell to Southbank might be bittersweet, Shaun has exciting plans in store, with an itinerary that remains shrouded in mystery.

A Heartfelt Invitation: If you happen to be in the vicinity of the Southbank or hear whispers of Shaun The Sheep’s tour, don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the magic firsthand. Whether you’re a fan of the beloved character or simply an admirer of art’s power to inspire, Shaun’s presence promises to leave an indelible mark on your heart.

In a remarkable convergence of art and marketing, this enchanting 3m-tall Shaun The Sheep sculpture captures the spirit of anticipation for the upcoming Shaun The Sheep Film premiere. Standing proudly on the Southbank, this awe-inspiring creation is set to charm its admirers for a few fleeting days before embarking on an exhilarating tour of its own. 

So, embrace the spirit of adventure and keep your eyes peeled – Shaun The Sheep might just surprise you, making its delightful presence felt in a field or city near you!


[August 2023 update – This wonderful sculpture is currently still on display in the reception of Aardman Studio ❤️]