It seems appropriate that the Walt Disney Company teamed up with the Make A Wish charity for the UK premiere of Aladdin.  Two organisations who both work towards making children’s dreams and wishes come true.

Held at Leicester Square, children from Make A Wish were given the chance to wish on a giant magic lamp. As an additional surprise, the genie (aka Will Smith) was also there to meet them.

For the activation, Plunge fabricated the set of a cave with a giant replica of the famous genie lamp at it’s centre. As visitors went to rub the lamp, the Genie (aka Will Smith, who was sitting in a secret room at the back of the set) was able to chat to them. This was achieved using cameras, speakers and microphones discretely hidden in the lamp. For additional dramatic effect, the lamp also billowed out smoke at the press of a button.

Scroll down to see the video of Will Smith in action.

The marketing team behind this activation was BradleyDyerRaw.

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