To celebrate 70 years of Dennis the Menace, Kew Gardens and Wakehurst invited Dennis, Gnasher and their friends to join them on an interactive Easter “Big Bonanza” mission.

In true Beano style, visitors young and old, were invited to get up to mischief with interactive activities along the trail. These included noise-making whoopee cushion stepping stones, super-hero transforming bendy mirrors, and foot pump water pistols.

With help from the Beano characters, visitors joined Dennis in learning about the plant kingdom’s cleverest tricks – whilst also helping rescue their favourite fruit-powered hero Bananaman.

Our creative teams had great fun working on the interactive props, capturing the mischief and fun of Dennis and his friends. Our design team were able to keep The Beano’s own three big design principles and brand ethos, which are:

  • Less is more
  • Make it Iconic, and
  • Add Irreverence

This was done by using a simple yet striking visual language throughout the project, using 2D comic book style effects in a 3D environment to create an illusion – making it easy for visitors to navigate their way through the story and parks. It all started with some wooden sculptures and a sense of fun!

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