For October 2021 half term fun, we were commissioned by Kew and Wakehurst to create an outdoor installation based on the book “The Gruffalo’s Child”.

The overall brief was to create something which would blend with the landscape and help visitors connect the much loved story to the world of plants. Kew and Wakehurst wanted their visitors to become the “curious explorer” as they followed “The Gruffalo’s Child” trail.

Our designers set about creating various elements to achieve this. Including a cave for the sleeping Gruffalo, Owl eyes, shadow play screens and a life-size Snow Gruffalo.

For the shadow play area, we were able to create a dramatic effect using a gauze screen and then applying mouse and branch shaped fabric. The next focus was to create the perfect fluffy Snow Gruffalo. To do this our creators used polly “snow balls” that were then art-worked with a white iridescent glitter finish. Creating the perfectly durable yet light as snow effect.

Our designers then worked on making the Gruffalo’s cave fabrication fit for purpose. This meant we had to address the weight issue. To achieve this, our team created a structure for the cave from light weight bases. These base structures were then art-worked and dressed to create the effect of the cave, but one that could be installed around the sleeping Gruffalo without impacting on the environment.

The end effect of our designs was an installation of encounters that draws visitors onwards through the gardens – as if on to the next chapter of “The Gruffalo’s Child”.

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