These 4D experiential booths were commissioned by Linney. They are being used as part of the marketing campaign for Cineworld’s 4DX auditorium houses.

The 4D sensorial installations was designed so that visitors enjoy an ‘all sense’ immersive experience by combining a VR headset with sensory effects inside the booths.

There are 3 of these 4DX sensory units.  Each one is fitted with a different effect.  In the first unit, wind is created by a large fan fitted into the side of the booth.  In the second, a bubble machine engulfs the users in a cloud of bubbles.  The third enclosure has a smoke machine which envelopes the occupant in smoke.

The new 4DX experience definitely takes film watching to the next level.

Timber Sensory Booths
4DX Experiential sensorial booths
multi sensory experiential booth
Bubble sensory experience

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