During the summer of 2021, the UK drinking scene made a splash with a host of immersive drinking experiences. So when we were approached by Apple Barn Creative to design and produce a variety of props for an experiential cocktail bar in London, we were intrigued!

Wanting to create an unforgettable experience for their patrons, each room was staged based around different cocktail themes.

To create the feel of the “Tiki” room, our team designed a giant clamshell seat with plush velvet cushioning. Constructed out of polystyrene, the 1.5metre high clamshell was skilfully transformed by hot wire carving and art working to create the pearlescent sheen.

Whilst for the “Champagne” room our creators turned the polystyrene on a lathe to create the perfect champagne bottle shape. The 1.7 metre high bottles were then hard coated with approximately 7 layers of specialist paint to provide the high sparkle and shine.

In all, three weeks of skilful work to create an amazing customer experience. Bottoms up!

To see more of our creative prop and poly sculpt work, click the link.

To see how the props look in their final settings, click the here and here.