A beautiful memorial to the 11 people who died in the Shoreham air crash in 2015 has been erected near the Shoreham toll-bridge. The eleven distinctive arches were the creative vision of artists, Jane Fordham and David Parfitt. David and Jane bought Plunge in to work alongside them with the fabrication and installation of the project.

Each of the metal arches uniquely commemorates each of the people who were lost in the air crash. Next to the arches, on the banks of the Adur, there is also a memorial bench. The bench provides a place of tranquility for passersby to rest by the river and observe the arches.

Over the next few months, a display of tiny lights, suspended on reeds, will appear on the opposite bank. This will complete the tribute.

If you’re interested in seeing other installations Plunge has created, follow this link – LINK.