Taylor Herring approached us with an innovative idea for Kellogg’s next Special K marketing campaign. They wanted a bespoke hamper making which would contain all of the ingredients needed for a healthy breakfast – the main ingredient being Special K, of course.

For this Special K marketing advert they also wanted to create a social media campaign to run alongside, so Kellogg’s unleashed a team of breakfasting commuters in key commuter hotspots over the course of a week.


The custom made props, nicknamed the Special Kase, are fitted with a fridge to supply cold milk, hidden side compartments to store bowls and a full set of cutlery. They also contain spaces to hold boxes of cereal and a thermos flask and juicer. The PR prop box was entirely bespoke created to allow for all of these objects to fit in beautifully.

The reactions were captured on hidden cameras to promote the new range of Special K cereals. See the ‘eat breakfast’ advert below.