New Plunge Logo

The new Plunge Logo

The Plunge Productions logo and logotype have been developed over a number of years to clearly and concisely reflect Plunge Productions through it’s various incarnations over the last 10 years. But not until the recent design have we been able to truly reach the pinnacle of branding design.

As we enter a new decade, not just for Plunge but for all humanity, it was vital to create a logo that would communicate the Plunge message:

“We are Plunge Productions, we realise your creative ideas”

The solution arrived like a bolt out of the blue, fully formed, without need for improvement. The logo would use the text:

Plunge Productions – Creative ideas realised

We couldn’t believe nobody had thought of it before but as with many of the best ideas it seemed almost too simple. No wonder no-one had thought of it.

Then, just as easily the other design elements started dropping into place:

Use of capitals

Capitalisation of the “PLUNGE PRODUCTIONS” reflected the importance of the message. This was no time to be hiding Plunge under a bushell.

When the horizontal logotype is used, by bringing the “PLUNGE” and “PRODUCTIONS” together without any blank space we have been able to convey that Plunge and it’s productions are intrinsically linked and that one cannot exist without the other. Without productions, Plunge is nothing and conversely with no Plunge, there can be no production.

Use of colour

The pink and grey convey simultaneously the dynamic and playful nature of the business without denying it’s serious business attitude. The exact shades of magenta and grey, when placed side by side will, when stared at, create in the eyes of the viewer another colour, a warm blueish green. This clearly symbolises that the balance of business acumen and a dynamic and playful attitude will result in the creation of something altogether supremely ‘other’.

The Sprays

Then we come to the ‘sprays’ as they have come to be known. Used in conjunction with the logotype they are splashes of water created by a client as they ‘take the plunge’ into the ‘u’ but they are so much more. Used alone they are the ‘P’s of Plunge and Productions. But look again, are they not the thought bubbles of supplier and client? The conversation bubbles too! The vital communication and collaboration of Plunge and it’s clients effortlessly depicted through pair of the lightest of creative brushstrokes. Hell, they are even the tips of creative brushes themselves.

Truly magnificent.

Bloody hell we’re good here.