Earlier this year we decided to collaborate with James Glancy Design on two spectacular projects. A 4 metre tall volcano for Jurassic Island at Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre, and 14 giant ice lollies for Lollydays at St David’s Shopping Centre, Cardiff.

Lollydays: 14 Giant Ice Lollies

Our first project for this involved creating 14 oversized ice lollies for St David’s Shopping Centre. We worked with James Glancy Design to create the gigantic ice lollies. Our aim was to create something that  could be hung within the St David’s Shopping Centre in Cardiff. We had the idea to create something that would provide the perfect summer backdrop to a dining or shopping experience. Our team loved making these lollies, experimenting to get the right 100’s and 1,000’s effect.

Jurassic Island: Volcano

Our team then got to work on the second part of the collaboration – to create a hyper-realistic 4 metre high volcano for the summer activation for Leeds Trinity Centre. Our team created the volcano with internal steel structure to engineering standards. This ensured we could insert curved steel rod attachments for the James Glancy Design team to add exploding flowers to. The effect is an instagram worthy exploding floral volcano installation.

Both our design and creative teams had such a fab time making these giant ice lollies and volcano.

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