TV’s craziest guessing game is back this Autumn, and they’re dancing again! The Masked Dancer sees 12 celebrities dancing in outrageous costumes and keeping their true identities hidden for as long as possible. The superstar panel of detectives are left to decipher the clues and work out who’s dancing in disguise. And there are more clues than ever before! Only once a celebrity is eliminated will their true identity be revealed as they are unmasked on stage.

We were honoured to be asked by Bandicoot to design the characters once again and create the masks alongside the talented Nicole Atkinson, who made the costumes.

Astronaut, Onomatopoeia, Tomato Sauce, Sea Slug, Scissors, Cactus, Astronaut, Pillar & Post, Candlestick, Pearly King, Pig, Prawn Cocktail and Odd Socks all came from the brain of our Creative Director, Tim Simpson –

“The ideas generally start as a pencil sketch or mood board. From there it’s a matter of teasing out the character that is going to bring the costume to life. Lots of the ideas get rejected but I kind of know when I’ve nailed a costume. It just comes together and you can kind of imagine them on stage.

The next stage is working with the team at Plunge to actually get down to the hard work of making the thing! This often begins in the sculpture department, working in clay to create the head, taking a 2D image on the page to a 3D form that is going to be wearable. There is quite a process of fabric sourcing, during which the colours and textures of the character come together. “

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