We had great fun creating the monolithic Outlander Standing Stone for US based Cartwheel & Co. The idea behind the brief was to create the well-known Standing Stone from the Outlander series to be used in a range of promotional activities in Glasgow.

This Standing Stone was to be used first as part of a photoshoot in central Glasgow. It was then to be moved to a special screening at the Glasgow Film Festival, to promote the new Outlander series. Because of the two promotional activities planned, the Standing Stone needed to be easily installed and mobile so that our rigging crew could move it from one event to another without any damage.

In order to get this ease of mobility, our designers created the stone out of polystyrene blocks, with an internal ballast for integrity. Our creatives then art-worked the stone to emulate an authentic age old stone, using specialist paints and real moss and grass.

Our team then worked with a sign-writer to give the effect of stone etched writing. The sign-writer also ensure that the correct brand fonts were used.

Also, due to the windy nature of Glasgow, our rigging crew made use of a wind speed meter gauge. The gauge was used to measure wind speeds around the Standing Stone, to ensure the safety of stars and bystanders throughout the entire activities.

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