In collaboration with The Chocolatician, Jen Lindsey Clarke and Taylor Herring, we created this life size bust of King Charles 3rd. Completely made from chocolate, to celebrate his Coronation on 6th May 2023. Taking 4 weeks to create, made with a whopping 17 litres of pure chocolate and weighing 23kg, it’s a Royally chocolatey masterpiece.

Hour and hours of footage of King Charles 3rd was watched and many a sketch was drawn. Tim Simpson, our creative genius director, then set upon moulding the King in clay. This was an intricate painstaking process as we had to get all his features just right! From that clay sculpt we made a mould which Jen then cast it in delicious chocolate.

Individual celebration chocolates were used to make the line of badges; maltesers, twix, bounty, galaxy, milky way and snickers at the end. A cross section of a bounty was used for the main central badge. The epaulettes were made from a mix of galaxy and maltesers and more maltesers to make up the rope. The collar was by far the trickiest part to make and comprised of a line of maltesers and milky ways.

Our Choc King Charles bust has been creating quite the buzz with the press and has already made numerous TV appearances. Links below:

SKY News



Evening Standard

Daily Mail

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