It’s that time of year again… With over 7.8 millions viewers, TV’s craziest guessing game: The Masked Singer series 4 is back!

It’s great to see our creations finally on stage. I think you’d agree they all look phenomenal. This series spectacularly surreal costumes comprise of Pigeon, Phoenix, Knitting, Otter, Fawn, Ghost, Jacket Potato, Rubbish, Rhino, Jellyfish, Piece of Cake and for the first time ever in the series a duo- Cat and Mouse. See the contestants try and bamboozle the puzzled panel while singing well enough to stay in the game and avoid being unmasked.

Here’s what Tim Simpson, the Director of Plunge has to say about the inspiration of the designs:

“The ideas for the characters can come from almost anywhere. Sometimes the producers set me a challenge by saying something like “we want something foody and funny.” And the result is Jacket Potato in all his glory. Other times we might sit down at Plunge HQ and have a brain storm and end up with a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Knitting was a silly idea Sarah my co-director suggested over a glass of wine and the design almost drew itself. Other times the whole process is more torturous with multiple iterations and changes to a kernel of an idea. Rhino initially started as a rodeo Lion before he grew and grew into the monster see before us on stage. I’d like to say there are no bad ideas, but trust me, I’ve had more than a few.”

With the host Joel Dommett at the helm of the show, the four judges Jonathan Ross, Rita Ora, Davina McCall and Mo Gilligan are on hand to offer suggestions about who the stars might be behind the masks. Who could they be? We just can’t wait to find out.