We’ve been crafting adorable prop tools for TED’s all-singing, all-dancing Seaside Squad at Haven Holiday Parks.

At our workshop, we were super excited as we crafted some fabulous prop tools for the lovable Seaside Squad at Haven Holiday Park. These delightful pieces are going to add an extra touch of magic to their stage performances, and we can’t wait for you to see them in action.

There is a meticulous fabrication process that went into creating these prop tools. To begin with, the screwdriver tips and hammer were brought to life using our in-house 3D printing technology. Once their forms were perfected, we carefully took silicone moulds of them and, to ensure durability and lightweight functionality, we used a slush-casting resin and filled them with hard foam.

The handles of these prop tools were a true labour of love. We crafted them individually from birch wood, turning each piece to achieve that beautiful wood grain and natural pattern. Not only do they look charming, but they also feel comfortable to hold, making the performance seamless and enjoyable for the Seaside Squad.

Next on the list were the spanners, which we created using precision laser-cutting techniques. Made from sturdy acrylic, these spanners will stand the test of time and provide a striking visual appeal to the performances.

As any good handy person knows, you always need a good toolbox to store your tools in. So, next on our fabrication list was a toolbox and rucksack to match the tools charm.

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