St Pancras International Christmas Trees: sponsored by The Princes Trust

We were invited to design and produce this years Christmas Tree for St Pancras International. Sponsored by The Prince’s trust, a charity that help vulnerable young people get their lives on track and achieve amazing things. Taking inspiration from London’s dramatic skyline. Featuring buildings from Tudor London to the present day; with iconic buildings such as St Pauls, The Natural History Museum, Tower of London, Greenwich College, Monument, Nelson’s column, St Pancras Clock Tower, Thames House, City Hall, Cadogan Hall, Big Ben, The London Eye, Tower Bridge as well as traditional London terrace houses and familiar skyscrapers. As a Grade 1 listed building it is the architecture of places like St. Pancras which make London one of the most recognisable cities in the world.

All the windows are lite up with intricate silhouetted people dancing and prancing, celebrating and having parties. Each window shows a different scene, hidden amongst these are the gifts from the classic Twelve Days of Christmas. To add some charm the clocks on the clock towers really work too!

We have been ranked No. 1 by Time our for best Christmas tree Installation this year! We’ve also been getting some amazing press about it, check out the links below:
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