This year’s St Pancras International festive tree was one of our biggest yet at a whopping 12 meters tall! Constructed with layers of spiralling staircases with 270 bookshelves and an impressive collection of almost 4000 intricately hand-painted books with 1000’s of handwritten book titles in delicate gold. Some even had lights illuminating through them!

In partnership with the station’s own bookstore- Hatchards and Penguin Books, visitors could briefly get lost in beautifully wondrous worlds of literacy by listening to one of Penguin’s audiobooks cleverly installed to each cosy cubby hole at the base of the tree. Unsuspecting passers-by could immerse themselves and escape for five minutes listening to audio snippets from authors such as Charles Dickens, Beatrix Potter, Rick Riordan, Richard Osman, Michael Morpurgo and Tom Fletcher.

It took over 2400 man-hours to create it, 4 nights from dusk til dawn to install it. Huge thank you to everyone involved, we couldn’t have done it without you!

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