Just in time for the Wonka Premier, we unveiled what might just be the sweetest masterpiece ever- a life-size scrumptious chocolate Timothy Chalamet sculpture! 6 foot 2 inches to be precise!

We had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with the super-talented @chocolatician, commissioned by @warnerbrosuk . We started him off with a clay sculpture to form the head, hat and intricate facial features, creating a mould from that sculpture and then splash cast the head shape in chocolate. Precise calculating was vital to keep the chocolate at exactly the right temperature to mould and then sculpt it. Delicately carving into it get his features as close as possible to the real deal. Made entirely from chocolate, right down to the chocolate buttons and shoe laces! It took over 5 weeks to create and more than 100kg of delicious Belgian Chocolate, our workshops never smelt so good!

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