Think you can guess “who’s that behind the mask?” on the Masked Singer Live Tour?

For the first time ever, we’re helping to bring your favourite characters to life on stage as part of a live touring show starting April 2022.

We designed and created two new elaborate character costumes to go along with some of the much-loved characters from previous series. The two new characters – Space Pug and Baby Dino – were a work of love for our creative team.

The team spent many hours bringing each character to life. We used bolster foam and plastic tubing to create the astronautical effects for Space Pug. We used 9 metres of bolster foam to shape out Space Pug’s costume. Our skilled makers also worked cleverly to create a life-like astronaut helmet for Space Pug. Whilst keeping it light and stable enough for the celebrity to wear safely.

Our creatives also spent many hours with Baby Dino, art-working plastazote to give the effect of a hard egg shell. Our Director Tim Simpson, also designed a specialist holographic print to imitate the scaly skin of dinosaurs. This print was created on lycra fabric, so that we could use its elasticity to help mould the shaping of Baby Dino’s body.

Our team are so exited to welcome these new character costumes to the Masked Singer family!

Now…. which celebs do you think will be under the mask?

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