As we approached Christmas last year, there were rumours of online delivery slots for groceries running out. So Iceland wanted to reassure their customers that they had plenty of slots available, whilst also having a witty swipe at their competitors.

In order to do this, they asked Taylor Herring and our team at Plunge Creations to create something that would bring a touch of humour. The gist of the brief was to create a tongue-in-cheek version of the “break glass in case of emergency” – a break glass turkey for Christmas.

The idea came about after a study of food shoppers reported that 43% were worried that they wouldn’t get a delivery slot for Christmas. Customers were worried that this meant they would have to forgo the traditional Christmas dinner of roast turkey.

Our team fabricated the emergency box using moisture resistant MDF. We then primed and art-worked the box to replicate the traditional break-glass emergency box. This would ensure that the box could be transported throughout the UK to many of Iceland’s competitor stores.

Our creatives then applied custom made vinyl to the polycarbonate front, with the cheeky slogan from Iceland. Our designers inserted stage weights into the stand to provide stability, in order to ensure no issues with safety.

The turkey itself was art-worked by one of the Plunge Creative crew, just enough to look like the perfect roast turkey.

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