For this February half term, we were asked to design and fabricate an immersive installation for Wisley Gardens “Under Your Feet”. The brief outlined a need to stimulate interest and discovery at the importance of soil and the worlds within it.

Our team were able to bring this world into existence through the use of polystyrene and creative art-working. The tree root ball in particular, was hand carved and coated in jesmonite plaster so as to create the effect of natural wood. Timber flats were also hand built, where our team then created a world of giant vegetables and their root systems. We were able to create this through the use of polystyrene, expanding foam and creative art-working.

Along with the vegetables, our team designed and created a huge array of bugs, worms and mini beasts. We hand formed the worms using expanding foam, and then art-worked and hand painted them. Whereas the bugs and centipedes were created first by using a layer of expanding foam. Our art-workers then built them up using plastazote, hand cut and hand painted, to bring them to life.

We also created a giant mole and a giant mouse. We were able to make them look so life-like by hand carving them from polystyrene and using a herculite coating. To provide the final larger-than-life touches, we created the mole’s fingers using art-worked plastazote. Whilst for the mouse the team were able to use bristles from a broom to create the whiskers.

Our team have designed and fabricated a giant world of what is hidden beneath our feet. A place where budding young plant experts and anyone who is curious about the ground we walk on, can go to learn more.

To book your tickets to this fantastic experience, head to the RHS Wisley website here.

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