As Winter approached last year, so did the Leonardslee Illuminated Festival. To celebrate this, we were asked to collaborate with Murmurations Arts to create a magical installation for the festival.

Our team were given a specific brief to explore lullabies and their power to soothe. In order to create this fairy-tale atmosphere, we fabricated an illuminated mobile based on the sky at night. Our team constructed stars, moons and planets with internal lighting to provide an ethereal glow.  As this was an outdoor event, we created the mobile so that it would withstand all weather conditions. We also installed a powerful speaker system into the mobile. This was done so that the lullaby music could be heard by those walking amongst the grounds, adding to the magical atmosphere of the festival.

To add to this, our team also created a 2 metre diameter moon seat using acrylic, fibreglass and resin. We needed to ensure the durability of the moon so that it could withstand many sitters for instagrammable photos. An internal light and speaker system were also installed into the moon to allow music and stories to be played. Thus ensuring the complete fairy-tale quality.

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