As the UK came out of lockdown last April, reports flowed warning that pubs up and down the country were selling out of bookable tables for months. Leaving many of us high and dry. So Taylor Herring commissioned us to help TV Channel Dave bring the pub experience home. We did this by creating the world’s first Flat Pack Pub.

Taylor Herring collaborated with our team to come up with a novel idea of bringing the British pub to people’s homes. Working with our designers, a specially crafted, 15-piece home assembly flat pack pub was created. The affectionately nick-named “Dave’s Barrel of Laughs” pub.

In order to set the mood, the team at Plunge Creations designed a realistic and removable pop-up bar backdrop, with two sturdy bar stools – all created from solid plywood and designed to be assembled within minutes. Our team also ensured that the pub would be suitable for interior and exterior use by having all materials weather treated. Making this flat pack pub the perfect prescription to help counter lockdown pub limbo.

To launch this much-needed innovation, TV Channel Dave worked with comedian Jon Richardson to create a tongue-in-cheek video playing on the tropes of old TV ad spots and showcasing the versatility of the pub – both outdoors and indoors. To check out the video, click on this link.

The results being that the pub sold out on within 12 hours.

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