As part of their commitment to champion mindful drinking throughout Royal Ascot race week, Harrogate Spring Water came to Plunge Creations with an idea. Taking inspiration from the 1920s champagne fountains, they decided to encourage race-goers to stay hydrated in style. Whilst also showing their commitment to sustainability and the environment. And so the Harrogate Spring Water Fountain was born.

Encompassing style and sustainability, our creative team re-imagined the iconic champagne tower. Using over 1,000 recycled plastic glasses, the 8 foot Harrogate Spring Water fountain also highlighted the benefits of a circular economy, where plastic stays in the loop and out of nature.

This stunning installation was revealed at Royal Ascot by Spencer Matthews. Spencer is well known in the health and wellness arena. Hence a fitting partnership to launch the Harrogate Spring Water fountain, and promote the benefits of healthy hydration.

Since 2019, all plastic bottles used at Royal Ascot have been recycled into new Harrogate bottles – an industry-leading closed loop system that ensure all bottles are recycled again and again!

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