“Do you hear the steady drum of a woodpecker? Or the whispers of the forest?”

During the Summer of 2021 Wakehurst was brought alive by a symphony of sound. Our team were one of 6 artists and designers that Wakehurst asked to create the “Summer of Sound” installation.

For this installation, our brief was to create an immersive and stimulating experience for the guests of Wakehurst. One where visitors could listen not only with their ears, but with their eyes also.

Our team at Plunge Creations came up with the idea to emulate a sensory sound wave. Our design team created this installation featuring numerous iridescent red cords. We then threaded the cords through a series of lightweight spreader bars and over-sized wind chimes, twisting and turning between the trees. Our wood chimes were crafted from metal, wood and recycled materials. These instruments were then hung from the cords, drawing the visitors eyes up to the canopy of trees above.

Walking through the “Wakehurst Summer of Sound” installation, visitors were encouraged to explore and connect with the gardens. The sound wave and chimes created a striking symphonic journey, as the natural movement of air passed through the trees and their branches. Hence adding a new layer to the visitors understanding and enjoyment of the natural environment.

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