2022 is the 60th Anniversary since the first 007 James Bond movie graced our screens.

Our team here at Plunge Creations have created many Bond themed props and installations over the years. From giant martini glasses and giant cocktail shakers, to a replica Aston Martin. But some of our greatest Bond makes were for our client SpyScape in 2019, all from the movie Goldfinger.

The brief from SpyScape entailed creating replicas of a number of items from Goldfinger. Our creatives were able to replicate the original radar design from the film, including dials, counters and gauges. We also ensured that the radar was fitted with LED lighting and a bracket to attach it to a flat desk. Another item we replicated was the aluminium number plates. We custom machined and hand finished these plates to ensure the perfect 007 Bond finish.

The other two items we created for the SpyScape exhibition were the oil spill mechanism and the ejector seat mechanism. Both of these props called for skilled engineering from our designers and makers. In order to get exact replications, we were able to use the original plans to create flat lays of the internal mechanisms. Our team then created around the internals to fabricate the outer layers.

Check out SpyScape to uncover your hidden spy skills!

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