M&M’s World in London has a new exhibit thanks to Plunge and Parallel.

The M&M store in Leicester Square, London has opened a new area where you can get your face printed onto an M&M. To be honest we’re not sure why, but then we find the store a bit bamboozling at the best of times. Go there and you’ll understand.

As part of the refit they needed to create a dynamic scene for their Blue M&M to drive his car through in a James Bond style. We proposed the creation of a Tower Bridge scene, with the replica James Bond Aston Martin prop launching from the bridge as it opened. They liked the idea so we got building.

We worked with Parallel in East London to work up the idea and in the dead of night, when all the M&M’s were sleeping, we snuck in and installed the bridge and replica Aston Martin.

If you feel the need to have your face on a sweetie then head on over there.