More and more people are getting a buzz out of wire buzzer games… and we’ve made a wide variety over the last few years.  From the standard ones, to backlight ones, to one which was set on a light box that changed colour each time you make a error and also when you won.  Each client seems to like testing the limits of the game and as yet there seem to be a myriad of options.  The last game we made had handle which vibrated when the player made an error.  We were particularly please with that one.

We’ve also created some fantastic shapes for the players to follow.  Aside from an array of words, we’ve made outlines of wind turbines, skylines and companies logos.   Pretty much anything goes, so long as it can be created out of one solid length of wire.  Who would have thought the old classic buzz wire game would make such a good promotional tool.

So, are you ready to test how steady your hand really is?