Are you the last hero and final hope to save “Nostalgaia“?

Last December Coatsink approached us to create a collapsable, human sized pixel stick man. This was for the launch of the new game “The Last Hero of Nostalgaia” by Over the Moon Inc. If you haven’t seen it already, the game is a satirical action-adventure that sees its players fight to save the world of video games from a mysterious pixelated oblivion.

Our designers stayed true to the clients concept graphics in order to re-create the Pixel Stick Man in all his pixelated glory.

Employing aluminium tube connectors, our makers used grub screws to ensure Pixel Stick Man was robust. We needed to make sure he could withstand being taken apart and put back together multiple times. Our team then artworked the aluminium black, whilst also creating his “pixels” using polystyrene. The polystyrene was then also CNC’d and artworked, ensuring the pixelated effect.

Our creatives then edited the pre-existing sword and shield supplied by the client. We wanted to ensure that these specific props would fit onto the Pixel Stick Man perfectly.

Working together, our production and design teams solved the fact that he needed to be freestanding. We fabricated a purpose built base plate. This was to allow the option for Pixel Stick Man to be screwed down into place for safety and stability.

From the start, we designed Pixel Stick Man to be collapsed and fitted into a large suitcase. For flight purposes, Pixel Stick Man’s weight needed to be under 22kg. Our team got him to 21kg finished. We also wanted to ensure that he could then be re-assembled easily, so that he can tour the shows for the games launch.

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