What does your future hold?

Well, if you’d been in Brighton on Saturday you might have had a chance to find out.

The centre of Brighton was host to the second annual White Night Festival in which venues around the city hosted a wide range of events and entertainments to take full advantage of the extra hour afforded by the turning back of the clocks.

Plunge were asked to create a pair of giant fortune cats for an installation in Jubilee Square.

Sam Hewitt and Shardcore devised the show in which members of the public are encouraged to ask questions of the giant cats. The cats then dispense their wisdom whilst waving their arms in a bizarre and frankly slightly sinister way.

The cats were made from carved polystyrene. The polystyrene carving was then finshed with a jesmonite hardcoat. The radio controlled animatronic arm mechanisms were provided by Steve Carpenter.

The White Night event was a terrific success and the cats provided a superb central event.

To see the cats in action check out someone’s videos..