We are very proud to showcase our latest chocolate collaboration with the incredibly talented Chocolatician, Jennifer Lindsey-Clark. This extraordinary creation was commissioned by Union + Webster on behalf of the renowned chocolatier Godiva to celebrate the premiere of the film ‘Murder on the Orient Express.’

The stunning 3-metre long chocolate replica of the iconic Orient Express train was meticulously crafted from a sumptuous blend of 60kg of premium dark and milk Belgian chocolate. A confectionery marvel that not only captures the essence of luxury but also pushes the boundaries of artistic and culinary innovation.

This edible marvel is equivalent in weight to 3000 chocolate bars and required a meticulous design process spanning 50 hours, coupled with an astonishing 250 hours dedicated to its intricate construction. Plunge Creations played a pivotal role to the Chocolatician’s team in bringing this vision to life, contributing our expertise in design, engineering, as well as moulding and casting. Additionally, our innovative touch extended to the inclusion of 3D-printed elements that were then moulded and used in the creation process.

Behind the scenes, the driving force behind this remarkable PR stunt was Union + Webster, a visionary agency that seamlessly integrated creativity and strategy to amplify the impact of this chocolate spectacle.

Watch the video below to see the design and fabrication process which bought this train inspired by the “Murder on the Orient Express” film coming to life.

To see other props we’ve made out of food – click this link – Food Art. If on the back of seeing what was possible here, you have another creative food idea, do get in touch.