With Halloween just around the corner, what spine-chilling props and costumes will you be making?

Our team of designers and makers take special delight in the weird and wonderful. So projects that verge on the ever so spooky side of Halloween are right up our street. And whilst most people think that Halloween is mostly about costumes, we’re here to show you that installations and props can provide that extra fright effect.

Pumpkins and Bones

One of the most gloriously ghoulish projects we’ve worked on was for Samsung SmartThings brand activation. Taking over a 300 year old house, we used projection mapping, a giant skeleton puppet and rotating carved pumpkins to bring fright night to life!

Disturbing Masks

Whilst some unearthly creations our team worked on were the Pet Cemetery masks. Each mask was fabricated by first creating a simple clay sculpt. We then used a heat formable mesh cast straight from the clay. This was then mounted, before adding ears, whiskers and art-working.

A similar production method was used for the Victorian Doll’s head masks. In order to create the eerie, “other worldly” look, our artists used a specialist crackly glaze during the art-working stages.

Demons and Aliens

Other spine-chilling projects we’ve worked on include the Demon for Thorpe Park, and the installation for GamesCom. Both of these projects involved intricate sculpts before final props being fabricated.

Skull and Vampires

Whilst some fun but scary makes were props such as this skull below. Sculpted from polystyrene and then reinforced with fibreglass. This prop was fabricated specifically to withstand performers dancing on it whilst being wheeled around the dance floor. The skull was beautifully hand finished in traditional sugar skull designs. With the additional wow factor of UV reactive paints so that when the lights dimmed, the skull would shine out.

We also had the joy or working on a set installation for Disney’s Vampirina, into Westfield’s Shopping Centres. The concept was to create a photo opportunity using a self serve photo booth with magic mirror. Working with the clients artwork, our team created a detailed set worthy of any Disney super-fan.

Carnivorous Giants

Other hair-raising projects we’ve created include the creepy ventriloquist dummy, Zombies for Thorpe Park, a giant carnivorous plant and a pair of giant spiders!

Take a look at some of our latest projects to find out what our team can create for you.