As 2022 is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year, we want to re-share with you some of the innovative props we have designed.

Over the years we have been commissioned to fabricate a number of “Royal” themed props and installations. If you’re in need of ideas for how to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, take a look below.

Queen Elizabeth II Chocolate Sculpture:

Our most recent “Royal” prop was a collaboration with Brighton based Chocolatician. In 2016, our Director Tim Simpson spent over 200 hours sculpting the Queen’s bust from reference photos. When the sculpt was finished, we created a series of moulds which the Chocolatician then used to cast in the finest Belgian chocolate. Jen, the Chocolatician, then had the intricate task of creating a chocolate crown and chocolate jewellery. In total, the Queen’s sculpt weighed in at 3kg, and was available in both white and milk chocolate.

Buckingham Palace Jelly Sculpture:

Previous to the Chocolatician project, we worked on a brief for Pimms. This brief was to create Buckingham Palace in Pimms and lemonade flavoured jelly. This sculpt was part of Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday celebrations at The Mall in St James’ Park. Pimms requested the sculpture be 1 metre in length. Our Director Tim once again created the original sculpt, before it was transformed into the mould. To go along with this, Tim also sculpted a very cute corgi. Our team then used this to make a number of smaller Pimms and Champagne jelly’s. This fantastic Buckingham Palace sculpt weighed in at 35kgs. It also took 35 litres of Pimms and lemonade to make.

Queen of Parts:

Just prior to the Pimms sculpt, we were asked to create a more unusual portrait of the Queen by Kwik Fit – the Queen of Parts. Kwik Fit wanted to celebrate the Queen’s war time work as a mechanic. In order to do this, our team, led by David Parfitt, started with a blank canvas. They then slowly built up the Queen’s face, hair and accessories, using car parts. Items such as spark plugs, petrol caps, hoses, gaskets, bumpers and headlights were utilised to create the intricate details of the Queen’s likeness. It was a complicated process and required a lot of small shifts in each component to achieve the successful portrait.

Giant “Royal” Teddy Bears:

Then back in 2015, we were approached for another “Royal” project. Taylor Herring and their client William Hill commissioned us to create two 3 metre tall cuddly teddy bears. These teddy’s needed to be stable enough to be toured around London on a flat bed truck. The idea behind this moving installation, was part of a brand awareness campaign for William Hill. They wanted to celebrate the upcoming birth of Prince William’s and Princess Kate’s new baby. Our team designed and fabricated these giant bears, from drafting the original patterns, sewing them and stuffing them with structural armature, to hand painting the eyes, crown and tiara.

Speak to one of our dedicated Project’s team to discuss how we can make your ideas come to life. Our workshop team are made up of the most skilled creatives, from costume makers, electricians, welders, sculptors, to plastazote specialists. We have the skills and passion to bring any idea to reality.

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