Plunge of course!

We’ve just spent a couple of frantic days customising Jacques (our 1971 Citroen DS Ambulance) into a Ghostbusters car for a special cinema screening of The Ghostbusters in London.

We were contacted by Future Shorts who run an event called Secret Cinema. Every month they send out an email offering tickets and announcing the date and rough location of the screening. They then follow this up by announcing the time and exact location but not what film they’re showing. Their audience then arrives to see the secret film.

On Friday they were showing Ghostbusters in both Brighton and London.

For this they required two Ghostbusters cars but the two Cadillac ECTO 1s were out of the country and so, through a number of odd contacts they called Plunge. They needed Jacques customising and were also planning to get an old white volvo estate to us to customise. In the end their volvo purchase fell through and so we decided to save the day and ring around Brighton to find a white car that they could use. In the end we found a Ford Mondeo… saloon; not the most ghostbustery car but it was at least white!

Once we’d added the custom vinyls and roof paraphenalia you would have a hard time telling the mondeo apart from the real ECTO1, we’ll kinda….

So Last Friday, both Brighton and London were treated to the sight of a group of Ghostbusters jumping out of their cars and taking on the likes of Slimer and a possessed Dana.

If you would like to find out more about Secret cinema click here.

Or see more pics on Flickr here or here

There is also a short video of the event on youtube